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Villa & Hotel

Why choose a Villa over a hotel? Below are some benefits of choosing a villa over a hotel :

Features comparison Property Rental type
Villa Hotel
Total Privacy True  
Spacious living and sleeping areas True True*
Detached Accommodation True  
Cost effective for small number of guests   True
Cost effective for large number of guests True  
Family in one unit True  
Total freedom True  
A home away from home True  
Private Garden True  
24 hour security True True
Fully equipped kitchens True True*
Safe for young children True  
Flexible check in / check out times True  
* Some hotels may offer this

Why choose a Villa over a hotel?

 Choosing your accommodation for your dream holiday can be a daunting task! What is the best location? What is the price? Whare are the amenities like? These are just some of the many questions you will ask yourself whilst considering your options.

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